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v0.9.1 will soon be released
19 October 2008

Hi all!


So after a few weeks of slower work on orx I'm back on tracks. Orx has a few new features and is more user friendly. You can use it out-of-the-box, even without worrying about plugins' external dependencies!


I also worked a couple of hours on a "art-game" project I mentioned in an earlier news. It's still WIP, but you can have a peak here.

Drops is the name. If you want more information, have a look here in the forums, where some details have been posted. This zip contains mingw and visual studio binaries for windows (works fine for linux though). I've removed the debug binaries so as to have a zip not to heavy (around 4MB actually).

It also contains full source code and build projects for msvs 2008 and codelite. Feel free to play with. If you want to compile it, you'll need the latest SVN version of orx, not the released 0.9.0.

If you're not comfortable with subversion, you can also wait for the 0.9.1 that'll be release in a few days. Smile


This first public project, although still WIP, shows how easy it is to code using orx and what anyone can achieve in a very short time. It especially shows how efficient the engine is for adding visual effects and positioning UI objects (including normal/widescreen without having to move all objects).


Any feedback will be welcome in the forums! Smile

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Some news
01 October 2008

Hey there!


I know the site hasn't advanced much lately. Actually I have guests at home for the 4 or so past weeks and I won't be able to work at a good pace before another week.


However, there has been some good improvements available from the subversion repository. Mainly some fixes allowing scrollings and objects movements. There was some old buggy code preventing smooth rotations and scrolling to happen. It's now fixed and everything should move very smoothly on screen. All tutorial binaries should be updated by the evening (on svn).

There are also a couple of new features and improvements (like oriented bounding box, clock enhancements, visual studio 2008 project dependencies fix, cursor hiding, etc...). Picking functions will also appear soon.


I also spent a couple of hours working on a music/art/game experiment, with a friend (I'm just coding here, design is not mine). It's called Drops and I'll probably post more about it next week here and in the forum. Right now there's an early functional build, but I'd rather have a better UI before showing it publicly.

Expect also a new release of orx within the next 2/3 weeks. I wanted to wait to add an advanced tutorial before next release, but as I didn't have *any* feedback about the already existing basic ones, I'm not sure it's worth to wai for the new tutorial before doing another release.

See you all!

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Some enhancements
15 September 2008

Hello all!


After releasing the tutorial videos, the rest of the week end (or so), was used to improve orx's "user-friendliness", thanks to all suggestions (and contributions) made by M1SF17. Smile


Downloadable packages are not yet updated. However you can expect a release during the week, that will contain build improvements, spawners and better config file inheritance.


For all those who wanted to try the engine and couldn't get it to run, or even build, please use the svn repository as now you don't need to install the external libraries anymore.


That means, if you're using visual studio project files (2005 & 2008), codelite or code::blocks ones: everything should build out-of-the-box.

However the makefiles (mingw and linux) are not yet updated and this may take a while, unless some expert in bakefiles shows up! ;)


For linux users, I advise using the codelite project files.


As for config inheritance, you can now link config files using the tag @path/to/myLinkedFile@. This works exactly like an include, meaning values from included files will override previous values (if there are collisions) and that you can override values from the linked file afterward. A better explanation is provided as the beginning of CreationTemplate.ini. =)


Thanks for your attention and please report any issues you encounter when trying orx, this way that can be fixed as soon as possible! =)

- iarwain

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First tutorial video: Viewport, Object, FX and Spawner Print
13 September 2008

Hi all!


So there it is, a first tutorial captured on video! Laughing

It consists of a simple project using orx, starting with visual studio 2008 setup, a simple code that creates a viewport and an object.


Once everything is built, we play in the config file for a while: we show some of orx basic properties and behaviors related to viewports, cameras, objects, FXs and spawners.


The tutorial is cut down in 8 parts. You can see all of them on vimeo (cf. the list of links at the end of this post).


Unfortunately, I can't embed the video directly here, as you'll need to watch them in HD, otherwise the text won't be readable at all.

The best viewing conditions are fullscreen with vimeo's scaling feature disabled.


All files used in the making of this tutorial (ie. visual studio build files, c source code, include file, data and executables) can be downloaded here: http://orx-project.org/orx/orx-test-video.zip.


Any feedback will be welcome (either by comments on vimeo or here on the forum)!


See ya!


- iarwain


Vimeo video list:

- Part1: setup and build

- Part2: simple object display

- Part3: advanced object properties

- Part4: simple visual FX

- Part5: spawner combined with FX

- Part6: more spawner controls

- Part7: config override and release/debug builds

- Part8: final summary


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v0.9.0b released!
01 September 2008

Hi all,

I've just released the v0.9.0b containing 10 basic tutorials (including differential scrolling, stand alone executable, physics, sound/music, animation, visual FXs, ...), some code optimizations and a few bug fixes (mostly cross platform issues).


You can find the release here. It contains: sources, full doxygen documentation, external libraries, compiled dev librairies for linux/windows and the tutorials(sources+compiled exes for linux and windows).


In the coming days I'll add more and more information on this site about the tutorials and how to make your first steps with orx.


For now, you can run the tutorials (windows and linux versions available), read the fully commented code source, play with them and with the config files to get a grasp of the engine.

As you'll probably see, developping using orx is now far more easy than before as it is mostly data driven, ie. with the same code you can have really different results by only changing the config files (without having to recompile, and sometimes even without having to relaunch the program).


I honestly think that orx is one of the most easy to use open source 2D-oriented and portable engine out there. But, of course, it's always improvable, so feel free to post your comments on the forum! =)

Also for any question or suggestion, the forum is also the place to be!


I hope to hear from any of you soon, and I will get some sleep as for now! ;)


Thanks to Mochi and KroustyBat for the tutorial arts, resp. music+pixel arts and logo! =)


- iarwain

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